Heard something funny at Argy’s today. Young black guy brings in some records to sell, and says to Ray “Got some old R&B and soul records. And some Caucasian ones too”. Ha!

He back-pedalled when I called him on it, but we all laughed at what he said. It reminded me of how Roula’s family referred to pretty much everyone outside the Greek community as “English”. Of course they meant English-speaking, but there was always an us vs them undertone. Makes me think about how visible minorities must come to view the world as “us, and everyone else”. Our Pakistani neighbours are a little like that too; when we first moved here I’d ask about their family, food, customs, religious holidays, etc., because I was genuinely interested. They know me well enough now to know that I was just trying to break through what makes us different, and find common ground.

The best part for me is when we can laugh at our ignorance, and move on. And you have to admit, “Caucasian music” is kind of funny.

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