Things I learned from my dad:

  1. Be early.
  2. Stay until the job is done.
  3. Your word is your bond.
  4. Never be stuck.
  5. Put the tools back where you found them.
  6. If you don’t know how, ask.
  7. Get to bed at a decent time.
  8. If someone asks you to go for coffee, go.
  9. Measure twice, cut once.

10. Be a landlord, not a renter.

11. Make your money work for you.

12. Don’t buy things that depreciate with borrowed money.

13. Buy a house as soon as you are able.

14. You can never have too many tools.

15. Earn respect, and pay respect when it is due.

16. There is right, and wrong.

17. If you are not interested in the sermon, review your week and plan the next one.

18. Surround yourself with people you want to be like.

19. Celebrities are people too.

20. Churches take from those who have, to help those who don’t. Aim to be in the first category.

21. Learn to say “hello” in as many languages as you can.

22. Education is important. Skills are important too.

23. Buy the best quality you can afford.

24. Be there when your family needs you.

25. Buy a good chainsaw. You can pay for it in 2 tree jobs.

26. Lincolns are better than Cadillacs.

27. If you want to know how the daughter will turn out, look at her mother.

28. Buy a snowblower, and help people who only have shovels.

29. Buy, rent, repeat.

30. Wash your car.

31. Politicians are popularity contest winners.

A collection of life stories, and thoughts.